Kwesta Opens Up About What Has Changed Since He Got Married

Kwesta Opens Up About What Has Changed Since He Got Married. Kwesta has opened up for thhe first time on how the marriage life has been treating him. For someone who is rather private, he decided to share the tidbits that fans have been dying to know.

Kwesta shocked a number of people when he tied the knot, it was so unexpected to a point where ladies who fancied him caught feelings.

He married his long time girlfriend and baby momma, Yolanda. The moment was special, Kwesta even took it a bit further by releasing a song about it along with a music video. By far Khethile Khethile is one of the rapper’s successful projects of 2019.

Speaking to TshisaLIVE the Vur Vai hitmaker stated that not much has changed since he got married just that people know they are married. “ “The only difference is that everybody knows that we are married. Nothing really has changed,” he said.

In addition the Dakar master is pushing his Spring Break festival on Germiston Lake. He touched on the reasons why he chose the location.

“There are not a lot of events and shows happening there and people don’t see their favorite celebrities and musicians performing that side, that’s why I decided to bring it near them.”

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