L’Tido Talks About The Financial Side Of Being An Independent Artist

L’Tido Talks About The Financial Side Of Being An Independent Artist. When you a celebrity you are expected to flex to prove to people that you ‘cool’ or better than “who”.

The pressure has led many into spending money on things that they don’t necessarily need, the next they end up broke. Financial management remains a taboo topic in today’s society. However there are possible means intended to give people an insight about money.

Rapper L’tido caught with up Old Mutual’s On The Money on twitter where thy asked him a variety of questions concerning money. The rapper touched into how being an independent artist has affected his finances.

“The hardest thing about being independent was having to pay everything out of your own pocket, including music videos, studio sessions, marketing, etc…”

“He also shared his thoughts on why artists die broke and don’t give much attention to the importance of saving. “Sometimes artists sign contracts without fully understanding the terms and conditions pertaining to the agreement, hence some labels take advantage of artists.”

In addition the rapper spoke of how where most of the moeny goes as an independent artist, marketing music or making music. “I would say making the music and shooting the videos,” he wrote.

Aphelele Peyana

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