ProKid’s Girlfriend Mandisa On The Aftermath Of His Death

ProKid’s Girlfriend Mandisa On The Aftermath Of His Death. ProKid’s girlfriend Mandisa has finally come forward to express herself a year after his sudden death which took place back in August 2018. Pro suffered severe seizure which claimed his life on Mandisa’s apartment in Johannesburg.

Speaking to DRUM magazine the 32-year old stated that Pro’s death had been a hurtful experience to deal with. She added that she still lights up candles and play his music when the memory of him hits too hard.

“I always feel like he’ll be waiting for me when I come home,” she said and further added that she is not planning on moving from the apartment anytime soon.

When the news of Pro’s death hit the news Mandisa was painted as the side-chick to the rapper although Pro was married, she clarified that they had been living together for a year before his passing. “I was not a nyatsi (sidechick) but his queen.”

“I know I will have peace one day. I feel strong inside and I am happy that he is resting easy. He will always be my guardian angel.”

“I will never forget him and what we shared. The words he said to me are engraved in my heart. I will forever be grateful that God gave us a chance to be together,” she concluded.

Aphelele Peyana

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