Reason Defends A Notion That Lyricists Don’t Make Much Money In The Industry

Reason Defends A Notion That Lyricists Don’t Make Much Money In The Industry. Hip hop keeps on proving to be one genre where debates brew up about anything and everything involved.

Recently rapper Reason was caught in a lengthy debate with a fan who claimed that lyricists don’t make that much money in the industry.

“Lyricism never paid anyone bro,” said the tweep who further defended his comment when Reason said “It paid me, StogieT, KidX, Kwesta, Youngsta, Shane Eagle, BlakLez, Big Star, Big Hash, A-Reece and many others. STOP LYING TO THE KIDS.”

The user further added that on the list Reason provided of lyricists, Kwesta is the rich one and the reason behind is not even through lyricism alone. “If we were to do a quote of who is the most expensive to book in that list we would find out it’s Kwesta. The justification for him being expensive than all of you wouldn’t be lyricism.”

“Even if we were to look at the sales of the above mentioned, Kwesta would come out tops. Still the song with the most numbers are the ones he is not lyrical on,” added the tweep.

Reason came in full force to justify that either from the fan has stated they are all eating from being lyricists.

“Oksalayo we all eating. That was the point. You chose to discourage us from being credible writers with your material nonsense. That time… we are all happily living in the north taking of our family’s. I suggest you check yourself. Your intentions as a black man are evil.”

See more in tweets below:

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