Sjava On Who He Dedicated His Singles ‘Isbhamu’ & ‘Gijima’ To

Sjava On Who He Dedicated His Singles ‘Isbhamu’ & ‘Gijima’ To. It is clear that Sjava doesn’t make music that carries no meaning most people can relate to. His past hit singles Gijima and Isbhamu featured on the album Umqhele have received standing ovation because of the heartfelt lyrics they carry.

On a recent tweet a fan asked who he dedicated the single Isbhamu to, another fan suggested that it was dedicated to Mcebo Dlamini.

To shed some clarity he said that isbhamu was motivated by the gruesome death of Dumi Masilela. Dumi was hijacked and killed last year at the age of 30. Sjava made a song about him. As for Gijima it referenced Mcebo’s experiences of being apprehended after pursuing violence acts during the fight for free education.

“Umcebo DIamini mentioned him on gijima where i said uvule imnyango yejeke wavala imnyango gemfundo libambe lingashoni if you listen carefully on the backings i say (imfundo iletha Umcebo) (sodlana emini) Mcebo Dlamini,” he wrote.

Aphelele Peyana

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