50 Cent Claims Chris Brown Is Better Than Michael Jackson & Jokes About “Little boys butts”

50 Cent Claims Chris Brown Is Better Than Michael Jackson & Jokes About “Little boys butts”. 50 cent has made it clear a number of times that he has opinions to share and care less how they may make others feel.

Last week Fiddy took to Instagram to proclaim that Chris Brown is a much better artist than the late pop king Michael Jackson.

As expected people threw all kinds of shots at the rapper hitting him with facts of both artists’ achievements and opinions of how his view is misguided. In reaction to all that Chris Brown who has numerous times claimed that MJ is his idol, posted an image of him on IG stories with a caption “Greatest Of All Time”.

It’s not only fans who came in full force to defend MJ but her daughter as well, Paris Jackson. She gave Fiddy facts while sharing how she has no beef with Chris.

“True legends don’t need to exert outrageous amounts of energy just to grasp your attention. stillness, my friend. stillness. more power in stillness than you can probably understand.”
She added, “and i say this with zero shade to chris i love him dearly. this is just for you 50.”

Of course 50 wasn’t about to let a fellow celebrity go off so easy. He responded by asking what wrong has he done and included “little boys butts”. The use of this term was in reference to the allegations that have been made against MJ that he used to constantly assault young boys sexually.

“Why am I the bad guy,” he wrote in the caption. “I understand how you feel Paris, but does anyone care about how the little boys butts feels,” wrote 50.

He deleted the tweet but the Shade Room had already caught up with the post:

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