Priddy Ugly On How “Xenophobic” Attacks Affected Him & His Mother Since They Not South African-born

Priddy Ugly On How “Xenophobic” Attacks Affected Him & His Mother Since They Not South African-born.

The attacks that were regarded as xenophobic in South Africa had a great effect on so many people who were left terrified. Priddy Ugly opened up about how his family members were part of those people in fear.

Priddy born name is Ricardo Moloi, he was born to an Angolan mother, Santa-Maria Dumingez and South African father Lebone Moloi. He was born in Luanda, Angola, but raised in Meadowlands Soweto.

Around the time Xenophobic attacks were dominating the country, Priddy called for Africans unite as he learned that his mother couldn’t even leave the house in fear of being attacked.

“My mother & I are not South African born. My mother has been living in this country for 28years & has been a contributing member of her community. I was raised in Kempton Park. Today my mother doesn’t feel safe leaving her own home. Africa Unite, please 🙏🏽”

Priddy is one of many other rappers in SA who have parents from other African countries, Gemini Major and ManuWorld Star also make the list.

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