Rapsody On The Discrimination That Comes With Being A Female Rapper Who’s A Tomboy

Rapsody On The Discrimination That Comes With Being A Female Rapper Who’s A Tomboy.

The likes of Lil Kim and Nicki Minaj had most people adpat to the idea that that’s how all female rappers should be like. To give people a different perception has been the likes of Missy Elliot, Lauryn Hill and now Rapsody.

Even with the break of the stereotype, Rapsody still get discriminated for being a tomboy female rapper. Speaking to the Hip Hop DX publication, the rapper said people think she’s not sexy because of her tomboy appearance.

“People think because I’m a tomboy and I’m fully clothed, that that’s not sexy. But there’s a tomboy sexiness in that. I grew up in a time where Aaliyah was the biggest thing out and one of the sexiest things out. She wore baggy jeans. She wore big, oversized jackets. She was that tomboy femininity.”

She further expressed through her art a message dedicated to her critics, the single Cleo pretty much reveals how she feels.

“Remember  early on, y’all ain’t treat me all the same though/Used to question why the brothers even rocked with me for/Member y’all wondered, used to wonder ’bout Wonder/Question why they’d ever wanna push a black woman/Niggas  on my label who ain’t want me in the front end/Some sisters in the industry, y’all know y’all was frontin’ (I know it)/Dressed too tomboy, rap too lyrical (You said it).”


Aphelele Peyana

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