Riky Rick Defends Immigrants Against The Notion That They Cause Crime In South Africa

Riky Rick Defends Immigrants Against The Notion That They Cause Crime In South Africa. It has been yet another day of emotions running wild in South Africa with Xenophobic attacks that have caused chaos and evoked rage.

At this point the attacks are escalating for the worst, immigrants are being attacked and have their businesses destroyed. The reason for this is that some South Africans feel the rate of crime increases because of foreigners.

Riky Rick expressed just how he feels the ideas some South Africans have of shifting blame and choosing to deny the reality that they also as much to blame is not fair.

“No woman should live in endless fear of being abused by men. No African should live in fear of being attacked by their fellow brothers. I love my country but we need to make drastic changes. WE BLACK. WE BEEN THROUGH ENOUGH VIOLENCE AND HATE. ENOUGH! #AmINext #SayNoToXenophobia,” he wrote.

A tweep argued that he was saying all the above mentioned because he is not exposed to the reality of middle class people.

“You say what you say bcs u not on the street with the middle class, this African brothers of yours have ccess to our brothers and sisters and they selling drugs to them, they making it difficult for them to walk freely I joburg and othr CBD’s in SA.”

His response was a question of : “So you are saying crime is a problem created only by immigrants? IT’S NOT.”

Aphelele Peyana

Aphelele Peyana is a seasoned journalist at SA Hip Hop Mag. You can contact her on

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