SA Artists Come Through To AKA’s Defence After The Backlash From Nigerian Artists

SA Artists Come Through To AKA’s Defence After The Backlash From Nigerian Artists. South African celebrities have come forward to defend AKA from Nigerian artists who have been attacking him after revisiting his past tweet about Nigerians.

The xenophobic attacks in SA evoked anger from Nigerian citizens – in result the artists came for AKA. Supa Mega seemed like a scapegoat since he also made comments about how Nigerians always take what he feels is deserved by South Africa.

“I am hurt man this match was bigger than football. The biggest rivalry on the continent. Why do we always have to lose against Naija at EVERYTHING,” tweeted AKA.

Nigerian artists came for Bhova from all corners, Burna Boy threatened to whoop him, Ice Prince ordered him to apologize, Davido called him “disappointing”. It has been a long chain of retweets and comments all bashing Kiernan.

His reaction from all this in the end was “God Bless Nigeria.” As expected the tweet wasn’t taken too kindly because emotions are still running wild.

South African artists felt that it was unfair to come at AKA when the issue of Xenophobia is far more bigger than him and his views.

Here’s How SA artists reacted to Nigerian artists bashing AKA:

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