WATCH: Highlights Of Khuli Chana’s Birthday Tour Across Africa

WATCH: Highlights Of Khuli Chana’s Birthday Tour Across Africa. Khuli Chana documented his whole tour across Africa which was also another way of celebrating his birthday.

The Ichu rapper took his good music all the way to different cities in Botswana, Zimbabwe and Swaziland. And he is not yet done, meaning he is spreading the Ichu vibe all the way across the continent.

On the video Khuli shared online he is seen performing on different stages, driving the crowd insane with his music and giving out the love he was receiving from all kinds of people he met.

On his visit to Zimbabwe he wrote about how he was welcomed with warmth and love by fans.

“I performed in Harare #ZimUnplugged this past Saturday,they embraced me and showed me so much love.This breaks my heart,and makes me NOT proud to be a South African.Whats it going to take to end these,” wrote Chana.

To prove his word, here’s the video showcasing his birthday tour celebration.

WATCH: Khuli Chana’s Birthday Tour Across Africa

Aphelele Peyana

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