Yanga Chief On Revealing All That AKA Has Done For Him

Yanga Chief On Revealing All That AKA Has Done For Him. Supa Mega has seemingly played a far major role in the life of fellow rapper Yanga Chief than most had initially anticipated.

The two rapper have been showing great support to each other’s work, not only have they developed friendship but a professional bond. Last year they dropped a single Jika which is still one of the biggest and most successful songs in SA Hip Hop.

Apart from featuring in music, Yanga was also one of the rappers to come through to AKA’s defence when Nigerians bashed on him. “Over some soccer tweets? I hate losing to Nigeria, they always beat us. Am I xeno?” he questioned.

Now uTatakho hitmaker has taken to Twitter to share how one day he will tell all on the role Bhova has played on his life. “One day I’ll tell you a story about what Kiernan Forbes has done for me since the very day I met him. One day,” she wrote.

Moreover the rapper is working on new music which he has announced how fire it will be. “But nobody’s help can excuse your required 10k hours. At this point I’ve put in over 20k hours. That plus talent is what my next project sounds like.”

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