Boity Reveals Extravagant Plans Of Celebrating Her 30th Birthday

Boity Reveals Extravagant Plans Of Celebrating Her 30th Birthday. 2019 has left many people in love and in wonder of Boity’s flashy lifestyle.

The actress has been travelling the world, sealing deals and pretty much slaying. To prove that she isn’t done yet with the flexing, she revealed how she plans on celebrating her birthday.

It has been made quite obvious that the fans and family of Boity are lucky people. She doesn’t plan to celebrate her day as just the one to be spoilt but plans to spoil her loved ones by giving them an experience of a lifetime.

The Wuz Dat rapper took to Twitter to share that she plans on booking Gold Reef City for a day, that means have it shut down just to accommodate her, friends and her family.

β€œOk, guys. I think I should shut down/hire out Gold Reef for my friends and fam for a day? That would be a dope 30th,” she wrote.

Gold Reef City is an amusement park in Johannesburg, located on an old gold mine. It consists of the park which is themed around the gold rush. It has over Over 30 Rides, Trampoline Park, 12 Restaurants, 7 Stores + 15 Other Attractions Of Family Fun. Entertainment and Teambuilding, Events.

When Boity said she wants to book it for a day, some people questioned if she’d afford it since it supposedly make millions a day.

Here are the reactions:

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