Has Flame Been Added To The Ivyson Tour Line Up?

Has Flame Been Added To The Ivyson Tour Line Up? It is no secret that Nasty C has had problems with A-Reece for a rather long time and has on several occasions tried to reach out to solve their differences.

During last years Ivyson Tour, Nasty C invited Baby Boy to perform during the tour to which Reece publicly agreed to and ended up not showing up. It comes across to some fans as though Nasty C’s choice to add Flame to his line up is a jab to A-Reece.

After leaving The Wrecking Crew, Flame and A-Reece have been taking shots at each other. Flame reached out to Nasty C asking to be added to the Ivyson Tour line-up which his former Crew member turned down last year.

It seems Nasty C has now responded to the rapper by asking his fans to make the decision on whether they want to see him on tour. There is no doubt that Flame will be appearing on the line up for the Ivyson tour this year.

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