“I don’t die when my music dies,” iFani On Unsuccessful Attempts To Revive His Music Career

“I don’t die when my music dies,” iFani On Unsuccessful Attempts To Revive His Music Career. It has been years since iFani dropped hit singles, as someone who was once at the top it came as a surprise when he vanished without reason. It’s only now that he mentioned why he took time off the spotlight.

During his interview with Mo Flava on Metro FM iFani said when his music career was at the top he suffered depression. Being in that state led to a number of downfalls including a fight with former label Sony Music which compelled him to go back home (Port St. Johns) to regroup.

The Ewe rapper has been attempting to rekindle his musical career but it hasn’t been a great success. Earlier this year he dropped a single with House music elements which wasn’t received in high numbers. His second attempt was a music video to his single with Papzito titled Mokibelo.

People have been asking where he is and what is he up to despite the number of interviews he has had and the songs he has dropped. Responding to the questions he said that his music may have died but he is still alive and working on new music.

“Am obviously still alive. They obviously dunno how. iFani is a person. I don’t die when my music dies. I remain alive. And I’m about to give birth to new music. [on my way to studio now]” – iFani.

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