Lost In Vegas Hosts & MI Abaga’s Recent Reactions To Stogie T’s Sway Freestyle

Lost In Vegas Hosts & MI Abaga’s Recent Reactions To Stogie T’s Sway Freestyle. It is now fair to say the freestyle Stogie T delivered on Sway In The Morning last year is one of the most historic moments in Hip Hop worldwide. To this day fellow rappers, hip hop presenters and fans can’t get over how dope it was.

Recently Nigerian star MI Abaga who is a huge success on his own commended Stogie’s freestyle comparing it to Sarkodie’s post BET Hip Hop Awards performance with Kalash. The rapper was impressed to a point of expressing a series of “wows”.

“This is just excellence.. one of the best rap verses I have ever heard.. up there with @TumiMolekane verse at Sway!!! Take a bow king @sarkodie .. wow wow wow,” wrote Abaga in appraisal.

As if that wasn’t enough to bring joy to one’s heart, Stogie received another major shout out from Los In Vegas hosts George and Ryan. The show is one of the biggest ones on YouTube. Its purpose is to capture the hosts reactions, analysis and judgement on various Hip Hop songs and music videos.

The way they reacted to the Stogie’s performance was just priceless.


See Full Video Here

See MI Abaga’s Reaction:

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