Maraza Puts A Fan In His Place Defending AKA

Maraza Puts A Fan In His Place Defending AKA

Maraza Puts A Fan In His Place Defending AKA! In this decade cyber bullying has become a real thing and celebrities are the main targets.

AKA was recently trolled by a Hip Hop fan who was saying that he copied his style from Drake. The rapper responded with a rather funny f=video saying that he is focussed and nothing can deter him.

The fan then went on saying that artists should stop doing gimmicks and drop more music aiming at AKA. Maraza saw the fans tweet and decided to go on the Supa Mega’s defence who he recently collaborated with on Makwa’s latest single Ayipheli.

“As someone who doesn’t do “gimmicks”, and as one of SA’s “rappers” njengoba usho, I must say this; let the people CHOOSE what they like. If a song is huge, it’s coz a lot of people like it! Just because YOU think it’s trash, doesn’t mean the people are “tolerating” it,” tweeted Maraza

Kuda Nyamz

Editor at SA Hip Hop Mag and Social Media strategist for multiple companies like Shara Hair. Online marketing consultant running a social media growth company based in South Africa

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