Muzi Confronts Claims That He Is Being “Slept On”

Muzi Confronts Claims That He Is Being “Slept On”. There are certain artists if they don’t dominate charts or aren’t constantly making headlines, people assume they are being slept on or that their music mustn’t be as good. Muzi came forward to clarify his case.

Muzi is one of the South African who has put on more focus on marketing his music to the international audience. Even so, he has fans in South Africa who admire his music. Some of those fans think he is too talented and that SA is sleeping on him.

Taking to twitter to respond to that Muzi said that he only focuses on people who support him and nothing else. He said he finds it weird when people say he is being slept on.

“I decided a long time ago to focus on people that already fuck with me/support me,” tweeted Muzi.

“The slept on talk is a bit weird 4 me cause it sort of minuses all the people that support me. Those are the ones I choose to focus on. Everything else is out of my control and I’m okay with that,” he added.

Last week the rapper dropped an album titled Zeno.

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