Nadia Nakai On How Breaking Up With Major League’s Bandile Benefitted Her

Nadia Nakai On How Breaking Up With Major League’s Bandile Benefitted Her. On past interviews Nadia Nakai made it clear that she wanted to stand up alone in the growth of her success.

She stated that she didn’t want to be known as Bandile’s girlfriend but as the hardworking female rapper, entrepreneur and influencer – Nadia Nakai. This was after she realised how people tend to focus more on the relationship than they do on the art.

When asked why she and Bandile who just got public with their love affair ended things, she stated professional reasons and admitted to have suffered a heartache which inspired the song More Drugs.

The Imma Boss rapper recently expressed how being single has been a freeing experience where she was able to think only for herself and do what she wants.

“Why do we neglect the things we really wanted to do for ourselves when in a relationship?! Like NOW there’s so much I wanna do where I dragged my feet before.

“Like I’m almost done with my Glam room at the crib, I get my wigs treated and styled every week, about to start my eyelash business, taking care of my body and skin!!! Like before I really didn’t give a damn… smh,” she wrote.

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