Toya Delazy Responds To Fan Who Said She Looks Like She On Nyaope

Toya Delazy Responds To Fan Who Said She Looks Like She On Nyaope. Toya Delazy has once more caught herself in a situation where she had to deal with fans who criticized the transformation of her looks.

A few weeks back images of Toya Delayze made rounds online with people expressing shock at how she has changed from how she looked Unfortunately the comments were distasteful to a point where she came forward to explain why. She said she has been through the worst including suffering grief.

Toya has been absent from the spotlight for a while, two reasons to that was that she was pushing her music abroad in the UK and has lost a family member closest to her (Grandmother).

Here’s how she looks

Now a fan said she looked like she is using one of the common killer drugs Nyaope. “what happened to you…you look like you on nyaope pls toya fix yourself.”

Toya’s response was “why the boys having fun alone.”

See below:

Despite her looks being the topic the star has new music out a single tired Funani she made from a genre she self-established. Basically it was a single inspired by her travels from the places she has been into.


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