Watch! Cassper Shakes Twitter With His Bentley Video

Cassper Shakes Twitter With His Bentley Video! Mufasa has undeniably been one of the biggest voices in SA Hip Hop in the past decade and has also been a rather dominant figure in terms lifestyle.

The rapper constantly shows off his lavish lifestyle to his fans which he often gets dragged for. Yesterday he shared a video were he removed covers from his Black and gold Bentley which he captioned as “Roadtrip with her”.

It seems as though Cassper threw in a double antandra with his caption which couldv’e meant two things. The first being his alleged girlfriend Thobeka Majozi and the other being his Bentely.

Thobeka then went on to share a picture where she was sitting on top of Cassper’s Bentley which fueled the fans assumptions.


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