AKA Announces Fees Must Fall Mega Concert To Battle Student Debt

AKA Announces Fees Must Fall Mega Concert To Battle Student Debt! AKA has been rather active in the issue of student debt over the years.

Last year the rapper donated R100,000 to a committee at WITS university to help out. The rapper has been rather vocal about how he feels about it and decided to take it a step further.

Yesterday, the rapper bashed brands that are pouring money into the KFC Proposal wedding. He said that they should pour all that money into battling student debt instead of the wedding which he got a lot of backlash for.

He then went on to announce that he will be throwing a concert to battle student debt. The concert will be called Fees Must Fall Mega Concert which will be held before the end of the year or early next year.

Kuda Nyamz

Editor at SA Hip Hop Mag and Social Media strategist for multiple companies like Shara Hair. Online marketing consultant running a social media growth company based in South Africa

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