How A-Reece Went From Being A Cassper ‘Stan’ To Beefing With Him

The Evolution Of The Cassper And A-Reece Beef

How A-Reece Went From Being A Cassper ‘Stan’ To Beefing With Him! Cassper Nyovest has been in the game for a rather long time now and is now at the top of the game.

The rapper has gained quite a number of friends and enemies over the years. One of the most notable beefs that Cassper has is the one that he has with A-Reece. It seems the origins of the beef are rather vague with some claiming it’s because of Cassper’s tweets on drugs being bad but tension has been around for longer.

When A-Reece first stepped into the rap scene, he made a song about Cassper Nyovest called Cassper Picture which was inspired by his sudden rise to success in Hip Hop which also seemed to be a diss track. He did an interview on Shiz Niz back in 2014 were he actually spoke about the song and said that he is a stan who actually got inspiration from Cassper at the time.

Cassper even went on Twitter to promote the song by retweeting it and asking his fans to check it out. Relations between the two artists haven’t been the same since with both rappers taking jabs at each other on occasions.

Baby Boy spoke about how he feels about Cassper in his interview with Pearl Thusi. In the interview, Reece revealed that he actually does not listen to Cassper’s music but is still inspired by his business moves.

Although Cassper has claimed that he has tried to reconcile with the Paradise hitmaker, it seems the pleas fell on deaf ears. Reece then went on to take jabs at Cassper in his 2018 BET Freestyle cypher which went viral on social media and Cassper responded proving not to be bothered by the jabs thrown by A-Reece.

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