Lil Kim Opens Up About How Feminism Movements Rejected Her Throughout Her Career

Lil Kim Opens Up About How Feminism Movements Rejected Her Throughout Her Career. Lil Kim is one of the women who placed a vivid mark in the hip hop game. She became a great success using her style and skills, unfortunately not everyone was impressed with her way of doing things.

During a recent interview with Talib Kweli on his UPROXX show People’s Party, Kim opened up about a number of things including her relationship with Biggie, Diddy and how women disregarded her craft.

The rapper shared that she never missed Biggie’s shows and would always be there when he was performing on the block. When they spoke about Diddy, Kim said that the first time she met him she was “mesmerized,” mostly because she was a huge fan of Jodeci, a group that Diddy helped develop. She added that Sean Combs deserves the title of “Godfather” and warrants more credit than people give him.

The talk between the two ended up touching on the topic of Feminism. As a woman who was busy pushing her own hustle and being free with her body and craft, one would think feminists would’ve been proud. Unfortunately the feminism disregarded and rejected her throughout her career.

The reason for this disregard was because of her raunchy lyrics. Kim said she was surprised by how offended people, especially women, were with some of her appearance.


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