Top Best SA Hip Hop Concerts 2019

Top 5 Best SA Hip Hop Concerts 2019. A few years ago having concerts wasn’t as common as it has now become on SA Hip hop, more especially one man shows. Cassper paved the way which proved how possible it is to pull off a killer concert.

We have seen how difficult it is to put together something as big as a concert, artists even admit it that it takes a toll on them. Since the aim is always to make sure that they give people the best they put in the work, and succeed.

2019 has been a successful year which brought to us the best musical concerts, we have grooved and sang along to some of the sickest concerts that left us wanting more.

Listed below are the Top 5 Best SA Hip Hop Concerts 2019 rappers gave us.

1.Ricky Rick – Cotton Fest

2. A-Reece – Reece Effect Concert

4. Nasty – Ivyson Tour

4. AKA – #AKAOrchestra

Gigi Lamayne – Gigi Gang Show

Aphelele Peyana

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