How SA Hip Hop Fans Reacted To Cassper Nyovest Buying A R2 Million Watch

As expected SA Hip Hop Fans Reacted To Cassper Nyovest’s R2 Million Watch! Mufasa is currently rocking the The Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Selfwinding watch which comes with over a thousand brilliant-cut diamonds set in the 18-carat white gold dial, case and bracelet, with 25 baguette-cut diamonds.

See How SA Hip Hop Fans Reacted To Cassper Nyovest Buying A R2 Million Watch

1.You got to respect Mufasa and stop comparing him to these South African rappers, he’s on another level. and lastly it’s his hard earned money so it doesn’t matter how he spend it, if you want to give back to the community, go get your own money and give back. He’s paying thousands in tax that is feeding you everyday

2.That’s good for a black SA nigga for those who says he must donate aiii go n hustle n donate this kiddo hes been working hard without anyone helping him so let him do what he wants with his money

3.They hate to see Black excellence he don’t need no permission to do what he wants with he’s hard earned money.

4.I hope 10 years from now he’ll not appear on I blew it…His financial decisions at times leave amaze me..

5.Why the hell did he waste so much stash on a “watch”? I get that it’s his hard earned money, but there are hundreds of hungry children in Eastern Cape and Cape town but the nigga blowing 2mil on a piece of Jewelry. I’m disappointed Cas, you and Burna Boy same WhatsApp group.😒

6.And out there,there are people who in need…yes trash me if you want to Cassie fans.. money went on to waste instead of maybe donating that money to a charity he chose to be a muskont🙄💔😭 useless

7.Some kids are homeless but he chose to buy a watch…Supa Mega would’ve donated At least R100K to any university or orphans

8. It’s his money and he worked hard for it, stop hating..

9.It’s tells the same time as my girlfriend’s Mobicel phone … what’s the point

10.That time most of his fans can’t even settle student loans/debts

11.No matter how rich you are but dropping 2M on a wrist watch is kinda dumb though

12.U dersv it bro ur perfomance @fillup was superb

13.This is a waste yhoo

14.With that R2M. I wish he created job opportunities for our unemployed youth.😷💔 At the end of the day it’s his money.

15. R2m watch ,R2 hundred watch what’s the difference men we all got time

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