“Sometimes I Wish She Wasn’t Signed To Me”, Cassper On Nadia Receiving Hate Because Of Him

“Sometimes I Wish She Wasn’t Signed To Me”, Cassper On Nadia Receiving Hate Because Of Him! Cassper Nyovest seem to see himself as an outsider in SA Hip Hop community as most of his social media posts suggest his belief on being the most hated rapper in SA Hip Hop.

Cassper, who recently revealed he’s just going to stick with Nadia only at Family Tree and not add more artists took to twitter to get a few things off his chest after the Base Hottest MCs list was put out. After calling out the list for not being credible and without significance, he went on to rant about Nadia’s placement on the list.

“Sometimes i wish she wasn’t signed to me. Cause she has to inherit mh beefs & hate. That girl works hard and she is always disrespected by the game. She created this fucking lane for female rappers & she’s still at the top but because of me, they will never give her what is due,” Cassper tweeted.

The rapper went on to add how Nadia works her *ss off, has been holding down the females, created a lane that was nonexistent and will always fight for her because he’s a fan of hers too. All Cassper wants is for the industry to give Nadia the credit due to her and not disrespect because of their hate for him.

“Baby girl!!! Ima ride with you until until. Keep your head down and keep working!!! It’ll all come together in the end!!! They gone respect your work in the end!!! I’m a fan and i see what you’ve done for femcees & SA Hip Hop as a whole. You’rea fucking legend .@Nadia_nakai,” Cassper concluded.

Aphelele Peyana

Aphelele Peyana is a seasoned journalist at SA Hip Hop Mag. You can contact her on sahiphopmag@nine80.com

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