WATCH: Flame Gets Into A Chaotic Street Fight With A Man Who Fans Believe Is A-Reece

WATCH: Flame Gets Into A Chaotic Street Fight With A Man Who Fans Believe Is A-Reece! Flame topped the trending list last weekend when a video of him slapping a fan dominated the internet. He received backlash for it but more came out of that situation.

After a performance the CandyMan rapper was seen engaging in a street brawl. It was night & chaotic the video wasn’t clear enough to reveal who he was fighting with. Fans believe it was A-reece, no telling if that’s who they wish it was or they have excellent eyesight and sharp voice recognition. Either way, Flame hasn’t taken that one to Twitter.

The 21 year-old rapper who scooped awards at the #SAHHA2019 tried to give out fans the better side of him. He shared a clip of him getting a disabled fan in a wheelchair on stage. It was a moment most of his followers called heartwarming. It was under that tweet that the videos of him going off at β€˜A-reece’ emerged.

Flame and Reece were both in the same hip hop group, Wrecking Crew. When the group fell out, the two rappers never saw eye to eye.

Back in April Areece addressed the beef through his loved single Careless. On the lyrics he went :

“What more can I say?/ What you expect to hear when niggas ask me about Flame?/ What makes you think I wanted it to happen this way?/ I was there before the money, she would never say the same/ How could you stick around and let her have her own way?/ She even go as far as throwing dirt on my name/ How you let her come between us and the records that we made?/Shit is crazy, but I just figured you acting your age.”


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