AKA: “Financially, I’ve never had this amount of money”

AKA has had a great 2019 not only did his album Levels go 7 times platinum, his Touch My Blood album is currently 2 times platinum with 7 plaques but even with this in the words on B.I. G comes with it’s share of problems.

AKA took to twitter to share that financially in 2019 he has never had the amount of money he made in the past year and this makes sense for the Supa Mega who dropped his own sneaker with Reebok and he also made good money from his AKAOrchestra gigs which were extended to Ethekwini & Sun Arena.

This however according to AKA came at a price that is very very high. The rapper went on to share that “To be honest, I’m really trying to drag myself to the finish line. It’s been a brutal end to the year and I’ve been suffering from a serious knee injury which I need surgery for next year, and a couple of personal things all the while trying to deal with all the weight and expectations that come with being “AKA”.

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