Cassper Believes SA Hip Hop Turned Its Back On Him

Cassper Believes SA Hip Hop Turned Its Back On Him! Back in 2019, Cassper claimed that he was the most hated MC in SA Hip Hop and he seem to still feel the same in 2020.

Over the past couple of months fans had been begging Cassper to make a comeback saying the game needs him. Whilst it’s clear he loves SA Hip Hop, he’s also certain it doesn’t love him back.

Cassper has just been featured on a new Amapiano song alongside Burna Boy, Wizkid. After a fan expressed how Amapiano seem to make Cassper happy, an industry expert commented saying the Hip Hop game turned its back on Cassper whereas there are no gatekeepers to Amapiano.

In response to that, Cassper agreed tweeting, “this too is hard facts.” “Mapiano gave sooooo many people a chance and a way to provide for themselves their families. No gate keepers! No rules! Just rock! The people will decide! Baba God siyabonga,” he further explained.

Do you think there’s some truth to Cassper’s narrative about his relationship with SA Hip Hop?

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