“He’s Going To Take The Game Further Than I Could,” AKA On Nasty C

“He’s Going To Take The Game Further Than I Could,” AKA On Nasty C! You might have your own favorite rapper but if you pay attention to the game you would probably agree to the fact that Nasty C is one of the younger rappers who will take SA Hip Hop to the next level.

AKA has always had a soft spot for Nasty C and he doesn’t mind making his thoughts on Nasty public. In a recent candid interview with Scoop, AKA admitted that he doesn’t really speak to Nasty C then went on to call him the next biggest thing.

“He’s the future, hes the next me… he’s going to take the game further than I could ever take the game and you can quote me on that. I’m not scared to say that,” AKA told Scoop.

“I find a lot of guys are like coming… I wouldn’t say at the end of their cycles but “what now?” and I also find myself at that place. Sh*t I’m still on top which is a blessing you know? But at some point the next wave is going to come through and it’s just gonna be their time and if you try to hold on to it for too long …,” AKA added.

This is not the first time AKA has sung Nasty C’S praises about him carrying the baton forward. Back in 2019, AKA said in a radio interview that Nasty C would achieve greater things in his career than he ever could.

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