JR Calls Out Major Record Label Companies For Lacking An “Incubation” Plan

JR Calls Out Major Record Label Companies For Lacking An “Incubation” Plan. What could be more worse than taking up talent to only groom it the worst way possible under selfish circumstances?

Rapper and producer JR has come forward to share raw sentiments regarding music in South Africa. After serving more than 10 years in Hip hop he pointed out what he feels has been lacking.

The inadequacy he was referring to was of the failure if Major record companies. He called them out for failing to groom new fresh talent, incubation plan as he put it. He even highlighted how they were handed over the big L by the Indies genre.

“Let’s see what the Major Record Companies do this year in terms of breaking talent… last year they got handed a HUGE L by the Indies,” he wrote.

To demonstrate his view he added on to say there’s a zero development due to the drive of dropping more records to dominate the market, basically he was implying lack of witty management of talent and careers.

“The BIGGEST problem is there is NO incubation plan… it’s about churning out LOTS of records to take up market share with ZERO development plan and there for inevitably failing to build Careers,” he added.

Fans had something to add and argue on JR’s view, see reactions:

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