JR Reveals The 7 Genres He Has Written And Produced Music For

JR Reveals The 7 Genres He Has Written And Produced Music For. One other artist who has revealed how he best fits the term versatility it is the multi-talented JR.

The rapper was involved in a debate with a tweep which led to him informing on how unlimited he is when it comes to music. He tweeted sentiments based on Amapiano, when he got attacked stated that he co-produced one of the biggest Mapiano songs in SA.

“The sad thing about AmaPiano is that there’s a handful of songwriters. Everyone else is just ♻️. Was speaking to some artists last week who said This is Piano haona di Rules’.”

He revealed how he has written and produced songs for over 5 genres. As complex as it may be the rapper who is often working low-key made an assurenace of how his abilities have no barriers.

“Bro, I’ve produced and written across Genres EXTENSIVELY, Rock, Pop, Rap, House, AmaPiano, Choral Music etc. I can talk on ANY genre,” he wrote.

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