10 Things Yung Swiss Can’t Live Without!

10 Things Yung Swiss Can’t Live Without! A week ago Yung Swiss took to twitter reminding hip hop fans how he inspired a whole generation of SA Hip Hop and started a whole new wave.

His impact on SA Hip Hop cannot be denied or ignored. If you ever wondered what the daily essentials are for the consistent hitmaker then we got you. Yung Swiss recently took some time to share his Top 10 Essentials with SA Hip Hop Mag! Check them out below! #SAHHMEssentials.

1) Studio – I can’t go a day without making music and I wouldn’t be able to survive without it. Music means everything to me.

2) My cellphone – Gotta stay in touch with the fam & Fans

3) My Bandana – It’s my signature look. Always gotta keep 1 with me even if I’m not rocking it.

4) Comfortable slippers – I’m not really a fan of closed shoes. So I always gotta keep a pair with me.

5) A pair of headphones or Bluetooth speakers – I’ve always gotta have something I can bump music on. 

6) My laptop – Incase I’m away from my studio. I gotta stay making music.

7) Cash money – I like to always keep some cash on me. Just incase, You know.

8) My cologne – Gotta smell fresh at all times!

9) PlayStation. I’m big on games – Mortal combat to be specific so this one’s a necessity.

10) Xikwembu Nation, My fans – They’re the reason I’m really still doing this.

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