Bag Secured! Here’s How Much Boity Charges For An Instagram Post

Bag Secured! Here’s How Much Boity Charges For An Instagram Post! When we talk about SA rappers swimming in money, Boity Thulo’s name is up there with the top earning.

Artists have a couple of ways they earn money besides their music and shows. With social media having taken over the advertising industry, artists with large followings on platforms like twitter and Instagram are racking in big on paid posts.

With over 3,5 million followers on Instagram and over 2,8 million on twitter, Boity is one of the most followed celebs in South Ah. It helps that she often trends on these platforms too. It seems Boity has taken full advantage of her huge platform to earn her big bucks.

According to an article in the Sunday World, Boity charges a cool R68 000 for one sponsored post on her Instagram page.

This was revealed after the rapper decided to involve the court of law in a row between her and her management agency Ade Holdings Property whom she allegedly accuses of reprimanding her $272 800 that she made from sponsored posts on her social media platforms.

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