Cassper Speaks On How He Discovered Before Most SA Artists The Advantage Of Owning Masters

Cassper Speaks On How He Discovered Before Most SA Artists The Advantage Of Owning Masters. The topic of masters is getting bigger and bigger by day proving just how important it is.

Most people are clueless when it comes to the subject and those already in music without owning their masters are in tight positions.

Luckily for Mufasa who has inspired many young people, he raised a topic of how it will always be important to own ones masters. The rapper had a chat with TshisaLIVE and he highlighted how he discovered early the value and benefit of owning your work. This means being an independent artist who is not attached to any label that may make claim of his work.

“I have owned my own masters since my first album. It is important because it is like intellectual property. We spend so much time making music and creating these products. Artists didn’t know and big record companies would own their masters. Michael Jackson and them had to buy their masters back.

“Only now in SA people are starting to wake up to that conversation. Fortunately we did our research before and I own all my own music, unlike some people.”

Cassper said he was not surprised that Kaybee had name dropped him.

“I don’t really care any more. Social media is crazy. I say what I say, push my stuff and keep it moving.”

Lesson to be learnt from Cass’s statement is that if you looking to take full ownership of your art, work on owning your masters.

Aphelele Peyana

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