“I’m The One Who Got Anatii To Rap In Xhosa” – Says AKA

“I’m The One Who Got Anatii To Rap In Xhosa” – Says AKA! Before releasing Iyeza in October 2018, Anatii released a collaborative album with AKA in 2017 called ‘Don’t Forget To Pray‘ and the world fell in love with him rapping in his native language, Xhosa.

In a recent interview, AKA credits himself to having gotten Anatii to rap in Xhosa. AKA revealed he told Anatii to stop rapping only in English. SuperMega said he had to call Yanga Chief to come and activate Anatii’s Xhosa juice. He revealed it was actually Yanga who wrote the Xhosa part on 10 Fingers hook.

“You know I’m the one who got Anatii to rap in Xhosa? I’m the one who said ‘dude, why are you rapping in English, rap in your language’. Do you know that Yanga actually wrote ‘Akabambeki kana hayi lowo
Ubambelela on the styrofoam
‘… Yanga wrote that cause I called Yanga and I was like ‘Yo, please can you activate this man’s juice?,” AKA said.

AKA went on to add that he got the ultimate respect for Anatti and considers him as one of his lil bros despite not liking each other at some point. “That time I spent time with Anatii, he really embraced it. Can you hear the artist he is today?,” AKA said.

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