Maraza Has A Message For Men Who Are Spending On Women On #ValentinesDay2020

Maraza Has A Message For Men Who Are Spending On Women On #ValentineDay2020. While most people are busy celebrating the day with love, romance and laughter – some people share views that oppose such acts.

Rapper Maraza is one of the people who feel that Valentines Day is celebrated in a hypocritical way. He took to social media to stress message dedicated to men who are spending on women and the women expecting men to spend on them. It’s a controversial statement that made others happy and others not so much.

“Sending my love, prayers, and support to all the brothers out there spending their hard-earned money on girls that think #ValentinesDay2020 is a day when men are expected to display their love, and women are only required to enjoy the show,” tweeted the Gwan rapper.

Seeing how people are celebrating the day on social media with Roses, chocolate and teddy bears, Maraza might have come too late with his message.

Aphelele Peyana

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