SA Rappers Who Have Ditched Record Labels After Suffering ill Treatment

SA Rappers Who Have Ditched Record Labels After Suffering ill Treatment. Unlike before every artist is now pushing to be independent because they can see how tough it is to be dependent.

Most record labels have acted in a way that has motivated musicians to study the game and work twice as hard.

The rapper listed below have been doing great in the industry, but it was never easy because of the musical politics.

Here are SA Rappers Who Have Ditched Record Labels After Suffering ill Treatment


Reece was signed at Ambitiouz Entertainment for less than 4 years and decided to leave in 2018. He said that he wasn’t free enough with his art and the money wasn’t good.

Yung Swiss

He recently revealed that he was departing from Playground Records because he felt his talent was suddenly being taken for granted.

Fifi Cooper

She is also one of the stars who left Ambitiouz Entertainment in 2018. Things ended up in court concerning royalties to the music she made while there.

Nasty C

When his career debuted he was signed at Mabala Noise and was tied to FreeWorld music, 2017 he left the two but had issues follow him up. He was sued and ordered to change his name by FreeWorld.

Shane Eagle

He was signed under JR’s label but only for a while, he left to do as he pleaded as an independent artist and it worked wonders for him. He recently announced he won’t be managed by his label Eagle Entertainment anymore.


He was unfortunate enough to depart on a bitter note with Native Rhythms matters involved money and his career mismanaged.

Yanga Chief

He is now an independent artist co-signed at the Universal music. He was also signed on JR’s record label.

Chad Da Don

He was signed under Cassper’s record label Family Tree but left in 2016 because he wasn’t allowed to drop any music.


His case wasn’t a hidden one, he ad issues with the label similar to A-Reece’s, less pay, mismanagement, and less freedom to explore the depth of their talents.


He was also signed at Cassper’s Family Tree but left due to disagreements concerning his career. He and Cass are cool but not in the best of terms.


He was signed to the same stable that had Zakwe managed by Ngane he recently left because Ngane allegedly took over his Facebook and demanded R90 000.

Aphelele Peyana

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