Emtee Reacts To The Criticism That Is Still Attached To His Genital Size

Emtee Reacts To The Criticism That Is Still Attached To His Genital Size. It’s 2020 and some people still haven’t gotten over Emtee’s disturbing visuals of his genitals which hit the internet back in 2018.

The Hustla has made it clear to everyone that if you coming for him on social media he will mop the floor with you. Certain Twitter users who try to hit back at the rapper or to troll him for possibly retweets use the size of his penis as a comeback. While he managed to brush off the insults for a few months, he now decided to confront them.

After his video went viral Emtee became a laughing stock for a while. He never showed how deeply he was bothered but one of his fights with Cassper involved that as reason. Mufasa made fun of the Roll up star, and from then they went on a trolling and shading spree. Luckily they patched things up.

The people Emtee won’t be patching things up with though are the tweeps that remind him of his ordeal each second. He tweets like someone who isn’t taking offence but is on a roll to clap back.

Here is how he reacted:

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