Nadia Nakai Expresses Concern Of The Possibility Of Going Broke

Nadia Nakai Expresses Concern Of The Possibility Of Going Broke. As much as most people are worried about the Corona Virus, the second main concern is how they will likely lose out money.

Nadia Nakai may be flexing and living large but this mayhem had her worry about maintaining her lifestyle. Most of all that include bills and debit orders. For someone who makes more money out of gigs and will have her hutsles disturbed, she expressed the worry of going broke.

The Corona Virus outbreak has called for places, events, or any other environment with a crowd to be closed. The Quarantine practice is to prevent the increase of persons infected. This means artists who had upcoming gigs, have to cancel them.

“If I can’t make money, will they suspend debit orders? Cos wow! 🙆🏾‍♀️” she wrote. In addition clarified how she would want her debit orders suspended as well.

“Nigga that’s definitely a major concern! If I can’t gig, it would be nice if the things I need to pay for, be suspended too,” she replied to a tweep.

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