Nadia Nakai’s Hilarious Reaction To Cassper Losing His PlayStation!

Nadia Nakai’s Hilarious Reaction To Cassper Losing His PlayStation! It’s public Knowledge for those who follow Cassper on social media that his Playstation is one of his favorite possessions. Recently he shared with his fans on how disappointed he is that he had lost it at a hotel in Bloemfontein.

“Lost my Playstation in Bloemfontein. Only noticing it now. I know i wont get itI must forget. That is why i prefer to rent houses and not hotels. Such a heartbreak. Cassper tweeted

Most of the Good For That rapper fans sympathized with him on his loss, his fellow rapper and friend Nadia Nakai did not share the sentiments as she sighed with relief that Cassper had lost his it. She went on to suggest that Abuti Fill Up was not supposed to replace it.

“Oh Thank God! Don’t replace it, cos wow! Nadia responded to the news.

Unfortunately for Bragga, her celebration was short lived as Cassper later responded to her tweet excited that he had found his valued Playstation. It seems nothing can really come between Cassper and his Playstation.

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