Sho Madjozi’s Advise To Flame On His Recent Album!

Sho Madjozi’s Advise To Flame On His Recent Album! Flame released his debut album Candy man last year a 19 track album and if motivation from his fans to do the visuals for his songs is all he wants then the …. has all the motivation he needs.

Flame recently took to social media inquiring if he could do do the visuals for his song How You Feel.How You Feel visuals” Flame inquired.

Fans of the award winning rapper were quick to respond saying the rapper had to make the visuals for the song. Fellow rapper, Sho Madjozi is part of those who felt Candy Man rapper was supposed to make visuals for the song. She even encouraged him to do visuals for the entire album.

Bruh you can make visuals to any and every song on your album that shit is a master piece,” Sho Madjozi responded.

Flame was quick to respond to the John Cena hitmaker saying he will make the visuals. “Imma let it pop then,” Flame said.

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