Big Zulu Sends A “Voets*k” To AKA

Big Zulu expresses rage over tweep pinning him against Supa Mega

Big Zulu Sends A “Voets*k” To AKA. If you have been following up on SA Hip Hop Mag you would be reminded that the past weeks have been hectic with the AKA-Cassper beef.

The conflict between the rappers didn’t just end with them, it escalated to a point where it involved other people.

Fans are known for doing a good job in pinning celebrities against each other on social media, at times artists find themselves on a trap. Big Zulu gave fans what they wanted : Drama. A fan commented on him stating that he would whoop AKA if it was him he was dissing like he was Mufasa.

Replying to a now deleted tweet Big Zulu told the fan and “his” AKA to go fu*c off. There’s never been a beef between the two nor have they worked together, but now it seems Zulu isn’t fond of AKA and his behavior of insulting parents.

“Abothuka mina ngomama nobaba bese ebeka iDate nendawo ubone ukuth ngeke ngimlume yin,” wrote Inkabi, meaning “those who will insult me with my parents must set a date and place and see if I won’t bite.”

See tweets:

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