Boity Showcases Her Spectatular Drawing Skills

Fans react to Boity's drawing talents talent

Boity Showcases Her Spectatular Drawing Skills. At this point we know Boity can Present, act, kill fashion and most notably drop sick raps. What a lot of us didn’t know is that she can draw a clean impressive image.

During this lockdown people are stuck at home, boredom has been making others express some of their talents. Boity drew an image of Riley character from the Boondocks , she did so splendidly. It was hard for others to believe she drew it, to prove them wrong she promised another drawing.

Boity has recently been making music moves behind the scenes, so far we have WuzDat and Bakae as her single. The good news is she has been killing it as a feature on recent records of The Big Hash, Stogie T and Nasty C. She hasn’t promised any music but last year teased a single dedicated to actress Connie Ferguson.

This year the rappe delivered her reality BET TV show Own Your Throne which is one of the Nation’s favourite.


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