Cassper And Emtee Directly Diss Each Other On Twitter

Cassper And Emtee Directly Diss Each Other On Twitter! Things seem to be getting hectic in the streets of hip hop as Cassper and Emtee went on a heated twar which began as a result of their unfinished business on the collaboration that never happened.

Emtee called out Cassper for always wanting things to be solely about him, asking why the ‘Good for that’ rapper can’t just be happy for other people who are also doing the most in the game right now. “Awuke uncome for once baba @Casspernyovest WHY WENA UFUNA YONKE INTO IBE NGAWE,” Emtee tweeted to Cassper.

The Family Tree rapper was clearly not about to let that slide as he too fired a lethal come back responding to Emtee’s Tweet. Cassper voiced that Emtee should stay in his lane and focus on himself because he is failing to handle his own.

“MXM….Wena diago trapa dilo tsa gago”, Cassper responded.

The rapper continued that Da Hustla should go take a minute because he has a lot of work ahead of him. Cass also advised the father of two to get on his grind and get things right. Cassper mentioned that he refuses to let Emtee to use his name to climb to the top. Before signing out of the conversation, Mufasa expressed that Emtee still has a lot of growing to do because he is still a small boy.

“Mxm Emtee tsamo robala my laatie. You’ve got a lot of work to do. Get on your grind and get things right. I’m not gonna let you use my name to do that. Ntwana! This is my last reply!!!Sharp Sharp,” Cassper tweeted. 

Could this be the birth of a new longstanding beef? We can’t help but notice that things are getting tense between the two and they are not hiding it.

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