Focalistic Reveals Top 5 Favourite SA Hip Hop Albums And Why He Feels He Hasn’t Had A Breakthrough

Foc opens up!

Focalistic Reveals Top 5 Favourite SA Hip Hop Albums And Why He Feels He Hasn’t Had A Breakthrough. Focalistic is a rapper that has graced opportunities others go as far as to dream of.

His talent is putting him on a map, but he feels he hasn’t had what he would call a breakthrough in music.

During an online Q&A the 23 year-old rapper who is working on an album Quarantined Tarantino opened up. Not only did he reveal media personality K Naomi as his crush, but he let fans in on his top 5 favorite local albums and why he feels he is not all the way into the industry.

“I’ve managed to create my own lane . I’ve always hated being boxed. So for me it’s important that people now understand my wave . Now we take it all the way to the next level,” he wrote.

On the list of people whe feels they have dropped the best albums the Christian Dior rapper mentioned:

1. HHP – Yba 2 NW
2. Khuli Chana – Motswakoriginator
3. Spikiri – Gangsta Party
4. KO – Skhanda Republic
5. ProKid – Heads and Tales

Clearly he is a man who can spot good music. But with all that Foc has achieved he feels that he hasn’t had a break.

“I don’t think I’ve had a break through… for me , everyone waking up on my music is still early to the party. We about to BREAK and touch the WORLD!!” Wrote the focused and enthusiastic Focalistic.

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