Nasty C Disappointed By Speedsta’s ‘Jealousy’ Towards His Career

Nasty C Disappointed By Speedsta’s ‘Jealousy’ Towards His Career! We guess it’s safe to affirm that Speedsta and Nasty C have bad blood as the heated twar has now gone to the media. After Nasty called Speedsta out for lying about ownership for the song Bamm Bamm the jabs continued to be thrown on social media for all to see, with the rapper confirming that all respect is officially out the window.

In an interview with SowetanLive the young rapper expressed his disappointment over how the situation panned out furthermore proclaiming that he believes Speedsta’s outburst on twitter stemmed from ‘jealousy’ over his success.

The ‘There They Go’ hit maker added that such behavior from other artists in the industry was expected but he was completely blind-sided when the DJ was the first to turn on him, claiming that he fails to see how the issue around the song had anything to do with what was said in his twitter rant.

“I think it’s more of a jealousy thing more than anything, I don’t see how his initial point had anything to do with any of the stuff he went on to say. His first thing was that he gave me a song, which I tried to correct him on because he didn’t. Then he only apologized for his mistake 10 tweets down the line…like only then he admits that there might have been a problem with his wording in the first tweet. Something he should have said in the first place instead of going on and on,” Nasty C said.

The two’s relationship has gone to a point of no return after countless shots were fired by both artists over who the song belonged to with Speedsta fighting extra dirty when dragging Def Jam in to the mix. The radio host tagged the recording label in the twar at one point as well as leaking another collaboration that they had worked on titled ‘Side Chick’ featuring Aweon Wolf.

“He instead wanted to talk about how I’ve changed and how I think I’ve arrived now because of the Def Jam deal and what not. You can tell the whole thing stemmed from something else, but it’s okay. I was expecting that anyway – maybe not from him – but it’s cool. It’s whatever,” Nasty C added.

Judging from how far the beef has gone between the two, we are almost certain that it may be a while before this conflict is over.

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