The Big Hash Reveals Reasons That Have Led To The Delay Of ‘Nyani’ Single Featuring Anatii & Boity

The Big Hash on the EP he is set to drop next!

The Big Hash Reveals Reasons That Have Led To The Delay Of ‘Nyani’ Single Featuring Anatii & Boity. For almost a year now fans have been left hanging on the promised release of The Big Hash single Nyani. Finally Hash explained what has caused the delay.

For  a while Hash has been off twitter but has dropped two singles promoting them mostly on Instagram, Amnesia and Again. The music came after he withdrew himself from the spotlight. He explained on the single Amnesia why he kept distance, depression.

Taking a break from music isn’t the only reason he hasn’t come through with the new single. He resumed using Twitter and explained the other reasons.

“I see a lot of people asking me about why #NYANI ain’t drop yet…Anatii’s been MIA. And I can’t drop the song if he’s not around because it’s his song, just as much as it is mine & Boity’s. I want it to succeed coz it’s a banger! Can’t pause my career, so the show must go on,” he explained.

In addition, Hash will release a music video for Amnesia for celebrate his birthday during lockdown.

“Turning 20 tomorrow…since I’m on lockdown and I can’t turn up, I wanna do something completely different and do it with y’all online. Already got the #AmnesiaMusicVideo coming out at 6PM, but wouldn’t be crazy if I also dropped an EP on the same day too?” He wrote.

He will drop new singles this month featuring Kwesta, YoungstaCPT and Yanga Chief.

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