Watch! Funniest Videos SA Rappers Have Been Making During Lockdown!

SA Rappers unleash humour during lockdown!

Watch! Funniest Videos SA Rappers Have Been Making During Lockdown! Since everyone is bored with less and nothing to do, SA Celebrities are using the opportunities to showcase just how far they can get with humor. SA rappers have been doing their part and it’s oh so hilarious.

At this point there is no assurance on whether or not there will be an extension of the lock-down from the 16th of April. President Cyril Ramaphosa stated lately that he hasn’t decided on the extension yet.

β€œIf we had not locked down South Africa as we have, I can tell you without any shadow of a doubt that the infection rate… would have been a lot, lot higher than what we have. But I’ve not decided on extending the lockdown yet,” he said.

Rapers are trying to not allow fans to forget about them, driven as they are they are making moves to regulate income while in the comforts of their homes. One of the moves includes being comedians.


Gigi Lamayne

Stilo Magolide

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Ithini iQuarantine lapho

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Nasty C


Nadia Nakai


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